Aurastel is a true world cruiser,
having sailed every ocean in the world.
    Sailing vessel AURASTEL is one of a kind 28 meter Yacht. Steel construction, a high bow assures an ocean going ability even under difficult see conditions. She has been exposed to several Hurricanes and heavy seas in the Atlantic as well as Pacific and went through it like a tank. What makes the design unique is the relative low keel design which allows to enter relative shallow bays which many sailing vessels cannot do. The keel goes essentially along the entire hull length to assure the right balance. For of not being able to sail very close to the wind she develops enough speed to participate in races and won twice third place in the St.Barth super yacht race " Bucket".
She has sufficient water storage and making capacity as well as fuel storage that she can easily cross the Atlantic under engine power alone.
  Under full sails she is capable of sailing at 12 knots at 16 knot winds. She goes 14 knots at 25 to 35 knots without a problem depending on ballast and water conditions. Under motor power she cruises at 9 knots across the Atlantic and if needed she can go 12 knots for periods as needed.
In regard to comfort she is for a 28 meter Yacht unparalleled. She has three levels of lounging relaxing and eating: In the stateroom, in the Pilot house and on deck. This allows for passengers and crew to find a space of solace.
The interior is of the highest workmanship with selected and quality interior. The floors and inner paneling is made of teak throughout.
The electronics and gadgets and toys are that of a modern yacht.
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